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the fika homes is one more addition to Experiential Living projects in the mountains.

We chose a place, quietly tucked away in an almost uninhabited region, with practically limitless tourism potential and set to work on building all of it from scratch- on a hilltop overlooking the village.

From early morning just before sunrise, the mist settles into the valley making the journey from one home to another even more magical.

The perfect getaway for people who prefer settling down less traveled routes in search of unwinding amidst unadulterated surroundings, no wonder it’s now a favourite among slow travelers.

It is easy to fall head over heels with its serene surroundings, starry nights and meditative ambience that can bring both heart and soul at ease.


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Multi - Cuisine Cafe

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Mountain View Rustic Rooms

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Gadagusheni Rd, Gadagushaini, Tandi, Himachal Pradesh 175123, India


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